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Why rent the Boca Del Kujo?

There are a lot of homes available in Lake Tahoe.  We have stiff competition with homes that are cheaper in rent and fees.  So, with all of the other places that you could choose for your Lake Tahoe vacation, we want you to consider and compare some important things about the Boca Del Kujo.

Luxury and Comfort

Our home is CLEAN!  If you have rented a vacation home before, or even some hotels, you know how important that is.  We use a maid service that we know we can rely on to do a thorough sanitary clean for the comfort of our guests and the maintenance of our furnishings.

The Boca Del Kujo has been recently remodeled.  We completed a full house renovation in 2006.  The plumbing fixtures, the furniture, bedding, and appliances are new and NICE.  You will notice the benefits of the modern updates right away.

The Boca Del Kujo is comfortable.  You will not feel like you checked into a budget motor lodge.  Our sofas, beds, and chairs were chosen for their comfort.  All of our linens and towels are 100% cotton.  Our pillows are hypoallergenic, but not the thin hard kind, they are plush pillows that are as close to the feel of down that we could find.


We have a great location.  The Boca Del Kujo is in a quiet area of Kings Beach (no crowds) on a cul-du-sac (no traffic) and sits on an open meadow with access to great trails leading into the North Tahoe Regional Park.  Quiet seclusion, yet has easy year-round access to all of the North Shore amenities. We are close to the Casinos, centrally located near Ski Resorts, and we have easy access to the sandy beaches in Tahoe Vista and Kings Beach.

Our home is well stocked and decorated.  Our rooms are not dull boxes like you will find in cheaper homes.  They are beautifully decorated with a mountain theme.  We supply items that you will need, just like we need ourselves when we stay there.  Our bathrooms have shower-gel, soap, and conditioner.  Our kitchen has more than enough dishes and everything that you will need to do the cooking.  Even our BBQ grill has proper tools.

We have comfortable sleeping arrangements.  Other homes advertise the same capacity as the Boca Del Kujo.  But, be sure to ask them about their sleeping arrangements.  Make sure that you are not left with large numbers of your group bunked up into the same room and a living room that is unusable because the only seating area is folded out into a bed for the unfortunate.   

The Boca Del Kujo sleeps 12 inside bedrooms in comfortable beds without having to pull out any of the sofas.You probably will not need the living room fold-out unless you have the total allowed capacity of 14 people.  If so, there is still an extra sofa and additional seating area in the living room even with the bed folded out!

Hot Water.  Our home has dual 50 gallon hot water tanks.  Other home owners will rent to large groups with a hot water tank designed for a family of four.  Sad, but true.

We have 3 Full Bathrooms.  When you are on a vacation, it is important to have enough bathrooms.  And if you have to share a bath, it is nice to have storage space, so you can keep your toiletries out of the way while others are using the room.

Large Entry Room. When you are trying to enjoy the space for your vacation, no one wants to have a great-room entry where the gang is coming in and dropping their stuff off right in the living room. The Boca Del Kujo has a large Entry Room big enough for a bench to sit and remove your shoes, a table for dropping stuff off, hooks for quick hanging, and a storage closet for hiding things away from view. 


Off street parking for 4 cars. The Boca Del Kujo has a two car garage and two car off street parking spaces.  When you come to Lake Tahoe with a large group, parking can be critical.  Make sure that the place you choose has plenty of parking safe from traffic, snow plows, and parking tickets!

No Through-Traffic. The Boca Del Kujo is located on a Cul-Du-Sac and we back up to a large Meadow where the kids to play without traffic worries.

Emergency Equipment. The Boca Del Kujo is equipped with emergency lighting in the event that there are power failures.  There are smoke detectors on each level and in every bedroom.  We also supply fire extinguishers in the kitchen and garage areas.

Snow Plow Services.  In addition to the quick service from Placer County that keeps our roads safely plowed, when there are large snow accumulations, a crew comes around and plows the driveway for garage access.


We have games. When you have friends along on your trip that are young, or young of heart, it is important to have fun things available for everyone to enjoy.  The Boca Del Kujo is equipped with board games, three TVs each with a DVD player, and there is also a PlayStation2 console that includes a library of games.

We have the DISHNetwork. The Boca Del Kujo has a 50 inch HDTV with the satellite DishNetwork.  We include the HBO package, and provide open access for purchasing your own PPV movies. Just feel free to catch that great movie or main event, and we can take the charge from your deposit.  The BluRay DVD player also has internet Music Radio, and YouTube access. With so much TV entertainment, don’t forget that you are in Lake Tahoe and need to get out and enjoy the magnificence!

We have on-site mountain entertainment. Unlike a lot of homes available in Lake Tahoe, the Boca Del Kujo is not located in a crowded neighborhood.  You do not have to leave the neighborhood to enjoy the mountains.  You are already here.  There are many hiking trails right in our meadow and it is a short walk toward the lake into the North Tahoe Regional Park, which is packed with summer and winter play areas. The neighborhood has scenic streets for biking or slow walks to enjoy the views.  The meadow behind our home becomes a Winter Wonderland great for snow shoeing and it also has an excellent hill for snow sledding. We even provide a few sleds in our garage.

The Boca Del Kujo Experience

The best thing is the Boca Del Kujo rental experience! We believe that you will find all of the amenities of the Boca Del Kujo make it an excellent “deal for the money” and will make it hard to find a better home for your cherished Lake Tahoe vacation.  You will find the experience of renting our home to be easy and enjoyable. The Boca Del Kujo is our home, you deal directly with us.  There is no impersonal and inflexible management company between us. We work on every level to make sure that your stay in our home will be your best Lake Tahoe vacation ever!


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